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Garage Door Maintenance in My Vicinity

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Here are some key maintenance recommendations for your Florida garage door

Many people in Florida often underestimate the significance of maintaining their garage doors regularly. Nonetheless, it is a vital routine that should take place at least twice a year, given the frequent use of garage doors in daily life.
Failure to perform maintenance can result in a range of problems with your garage door in Florida, including broken springs, auto-reverse failures, torsion spring issues, motor malfunctions, and more. To avert these potential problems, it is imperative to make regular maintenance a high priority.

Garage Maintenance

Here's the primary issue

Maintaining garage doors in Florida can pose challenges, particularly for those new to the task. It’s crucial to have a comprehensive understanding of the components that require maintenance to ensure optimal results. A lack of knowledge in this area could potentially result in additional damage.

This article is intended to offer helpful advice for the maintenance of garage doors in Florida. Please apply these tips as necessary, and you’ll be on the right track.

Applying Lubrication to Moving Components

Lubricating the moving parts of your Florida garage door is an essential maintenance task. Proper lubrication helps reduce unnecessary stress on these components, ensuring their smooth operation. It’s recommended to apply lubricant every six months to maintain optimal performance, and white lithium grease is a suitable choice for this purpose.

To apply the grease, coat the hinges and rollers, but wipe off any excess.

Additionally, if your garage door opener uses an extension-spring or torsion-spring mechanism, it contains pulleys and bearings that benefit from lubrication. If your opener utilizes a screw or chain, use lithium grease on these components. However, exercise caution and avoid applying lubricant to a belt-drive opener, as it can pose a safety risk.

Cleaning and Painting the Garage Door

Inspecting your overhead door in Florida, mainly if it’s made of steel, is essential. Steel doors may develop rust spots that require painting. For fiberglass doors, using an all-purpose cleaner is suitable for cleaning. However, wooden doors require closer attention, as they are susceptible to water damage.

For wooden doors, it’s crucial to address chipped or peeling paint. After sanding, you can repaint these areas. This maintenance step is vital for extending the lifespan of an overhead door in Florida.

Some wooden doors feature weather stripping along their base. If yours lacks weather stripping, ensure it’s appropriately painted or sealed. Garage door weather stripping plays a more significant role than you might think.

Regularly check the garage door sensor to determine if any of its components are affected by water. This requires consistent cleaning to ensure proper functionality.

Checking Its Balance through the Inspection

Evaluating your garage door’s balance is crucial and straightforward. A well-balanced garage door ensures smooth operation. Garage doors typically rely on a counterbalancing system, and when properly balanced, they function effectively.

To check the balance, follow these steps: Pull the opener’s handle and attempt to open the door halfway. If it moves smoothly, it’s in balance. However, if you encounter issues or unexpected behavior, it may indicate a broken garage door spring.

In such cases, contact a professional garage door repair company like Garage Door on Repair & Installation Garage Doors. They specialize in maintaining various garage door types and can address spring-related issues.

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